Allyson (lxl_haunted_lxl) wrote in the_dot_brigade,

hea....i fixed chemistry we're watching a movie and i have no idea what it is about.

anyways, yeah, i know the new layout is really plain, but at least you can see it.....if anybody else can make a spiffy layout for this, go ahead. and i'll put it in.
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is there some way you can get a dot to go between the comment links? i think i saw something on the howto journal about that. i dunno.

it looks better. i can read now!


i'm sure if you ask Fuzzy, she can help you get something together. she's a tech nut like that.

anyways, i'm in newspaper, so i gotta go.
lata shawt,

::big sad puppy eyes::

do you know how to do it?
:p I can post now

And yes the colours just great, it was so difficult to read before
I even figured how to do pictures i'm well proud ;)

took you long enough.

lol j/k
I'm sure I could figure it out...
I'm not too much of a computer wiz, Miss I-Hack-Into-School-Computers-In-My-Spare-Time.

Haha, I kid, I kid!

But I can try.

See ya, sweetie
HAHA it did take me a long time ah well, i'm here now, to cause mayhem :P lol


i didn't mean to hack, i accidentally pushed a random button, which brought up all these forbidden settings.

i don't know much about formatting ljs.
If I knew what this community was, I would totally join....

care to enlighten me?
::giggles:: there is some info about it on the userinfo page....

kinda hard to explain though. it's a really long story. there's a link though, to a harry potter site. it might help a bit.